Adkins Associates

The core of the Adkins Associates team has worked together for over 20 years in the construction industry.

Having worked in the same company in the early ‘90’s’, team members have gone on to establish themselves in their own area of expertise be it dispute resolution, quantity surveying, project management or electrical and mechanical engineering services in both the building and civil engineering sectors of the industry.

In recent years, more of the commissions being received by individual team members demanded a larger team approach towards accomplishing the commissions aim. So, the Team of Adkins Associates was formed in order to facilitate the growing needs of our clients and a growing client base.

During our time in the construction industry, both as members of the team and as individuals we have come to hold certain common values that enable us to work together efficiently as a team on behalf of our clients.

What we do

The major focus of our work in the construction industry is dispute resolution management. As a team we consider that we are ideally placed to offer our clients a comprehensive service whether it be understanding the possible liabilities a client has taken on or better understanding the various rights that are afforded a client as a result of the various contract arrangements that are entered into.

Dispute Management / Claim’s Management / Expert Witness / Planning & Programme Analysis / Legal Support / Commercial Management

core values

As a company Adkins Associates has identified three core values which it utilises as guiding principles in the manner in which it provides its services and carries out its business within the construction industry. These core values are held as being of utmost importance to those working as part of the team and also to our clients as it is by our adherence to these core values that the high standard of work we produce can be maintained.


Provide consistency between advice given, prospects indicated and service delivered to our clients.

Allied to honesty, we believe integrity is about consistency – let our ‘yes be yes and our no be no’. Making sure that the actions we take on behalf of our clients are consistent with the advice we have proffered and the level of expectation we have assisted in setting.


Provide the information our clients need to know rather than what they would sometimes like to hear.

We are only too aware of the potential the construction industry has for misunderstanding, ambiguity and wasted effort as a result of same. We consider that clear, unambiguous and honest advice is essential for our clients to maximise their return in any circumstances.



Providing a service in a manner that reflects the potential advantage available to our clients.

Our focus is not only on resolution of any given dispute but undertaking such services in a cost efficient manner. We are not in business of achieving high fee earning but rather we are focused on ensuring that our clients fee expenditure is proportionate to the prospects available in the particular circumstances that we encounter.