We have been providing Dispute Management  for over 20 years. 

The Services we have already identified are often collectively associated with dispute resolution. We identify dispute resolution as a separate service as our initial aim would be to provide services in such a manner that disputes are avoided rather than requiring resolution.

Adkins Associates first aim when assisting in matters of Disputes is to help the client and manage the dispute in the quickest and the most cost effective way and our experience tell us that avoidance is a great way of achieving this aim.

The team has working in this sector since 1996 and we have developed disciplines which can be utilised to avoid Disputes. Here are some of the way in which we can help you:


Contractual advice & Guidance.


Commercial Support.


Programme Support.


Risk Analysis.


Delay Analysis.

However, we are only too aware that this is not always possible to avoid disputes and the only option left to parties is to seek forward resolution by means of

In all these areas we are able to provide personnel with over 20 years of experience in the area of disputes resolution and up to 40 years experience in the construction industry


Adjudication is a contractual or statutory procedure for swift interim dispute resolution. It is provided by a third party adjudicator selected by the parties in dispute.


Mediation is a consensual process off dispute resolution in which a third party mediator, appointed by the parties to the dispute, assists in the negotiated resolution of the dispute.


Arbitration is a private, contractual form of dispute resolution. It provides for the determination of disputes by a third party arbitrator or arbitration panel, selected by the parties to the dispute. Disputes are resolved on the basis of material facts, documents and relevant principles of law.

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